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A Discussion of the 3 Levels of Your Product

Your 'Financial Reality' has nothing to do with the price a customer will pay...

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14 Ways To Rethink Your Product Or Service To Give It A New Relevance.

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Last Vacation Edition: Business Models, Lyft, Uber, and people running stop signs in my neighborhood

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5 Observations From The Road...First Trip Since The Pandemic Began Edition

3 Things I Want You To Take From The Pandemic!

5 Pricing Ideas For the End of the Pandemic and Beyond!

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7 Basics of Post-Pandemic Strategy

Evolution vs. Experimentation

All Strategy Is Marketing Strategy! And, Research Will Transform Your Business!

The DAPA Formula of Project Success

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3 Lessons On Post-Pandemic Business From My Travels To Roanoke!

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Diagnose the problem...

Be Market Driven, Not Sales Driven...Here's Why!

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Pricing Tells Me How Good You Are At Marketing!

One more set of ideas on the product: co-branding, extensions, and too many products!

3 Lessons From My Week Following Super Bowl Ticket Prices!

Touchpoints: An the Importance of Knowing the Their Importance

Tying your NPS Score to Product Development

Tying your NPS Score to Product Development

NPS Scores: Mine, Yours, and How We Can Do It!

A Few Marketing Ideas, Okay 40...

Let's Start 2021 By Revisiting Our STP!